Want to meet a dinosaur called Alan? Then head to The Yorkshire Museum in York. The Museum is set to showcase it’s many finds from the Jurassic period in a brand-new exhibition, Yorkshire’s Jurassic World.

During the Jurassic Period, approximately 150 – 200 million years ago, the area we now call Yorkshire was covered by a deep sea. Colossal creatures and sea monsters swam through the waters. Gradually, over hundreds of centuries, the waters receded leaving coastal deltas, mud and forest – perfect habitat for dinosaurs to roam.

Today, the North Yorkshire coast is one of the rare areas in the world where Middle Jurassic rocks are exposed. Other areas include China and Argentina. Here fossils literally fall out of the cliff face – which is just what happened to Alan, when he fell from a cliff near Whitby.

Alan will be one of the stars of the new Exhibition – and quite right too! The fossil vertebrae found on the Yorkshire coast has been identified as Britain’s oldest Sauropod Dinosaur. The Sauropods (often referred to as Brontosaurs) include some of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth. Some species grew to 35m (115ft) long. It has not been possible identify a new species from the fossil, so for now – It is known as Alan, after his finder.

If you like your Jurassic treasures a little smaller, join a Yorkshire Blue Badge Guide on trip to the North Yorkshire Coast. See the imposing coast line and visit one of the tiny coastal villages tucked into the rugged cliffs. You might be lucky enough to find an ammonite – a true Jurassic Gem.

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World opens to the public on 24 March 2018
Sir David Attenborough will host a private event on 23 March. See the website below for your chance to win a place to attend

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

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Image courtesy of The Yorkshire Museum