Castle Hill near Huddersfield – a scheduled monument with over 4000 years history

Just to the South of Huddersfield on a raised area of land near Almondsbury lies Castle Hill. Perched on top of the hill is Victoria Tower, a Victorian monument which has become perhaps Huddersfield’s most recognisable monument and can be seen from miles around. I had seen it from afar many times but with a rare day off and having found a circular walk around the area from the summit, I thought... Read more

Harlow Carr Reunited

Harrogate’s rise as a spa town began in 1571 when William Slingsby discovered the mineral nature of the waters of the Tewit Well. In 1734 sulphur springs were discovered at Harlow Carr but it was not for another century that the site was developed to become a fashionable spa when medical interest in perceived differences in Harrogate’s waters led to their specialised application. From c.1840 one... Read more

The Masham Swifts

Swifts are unique and amazing birds. Although similar in appearance to swallows and house martins, they are not related and evolved separately some 50 million years ago. Surprisingly perhaps, their closest bird relatives are hummingbirds! What makes swifts so unique is that they avoid landing on the ground and cannot perch on branches or wires like swallows and martins. Their short legs, made... Read more

Dick Turpin

Visitors to York can see his grave in St George’s churchyard, his place of hanging at York’s Tyburn and his condemned cell in the Museum that was formerly York Castle prison. He has had a romantic reputation as a highwayman who held up stagecoaches at gunpoint and then sped away on his magnificent horse ‘Black Bess.’  Black Bess has been glamorised herself as the only horse who ever rode to... Read more

Anne Lister and Anne Walker Rainbow Blue Plaque,  Holy Trinity Church,  Goodramgate,  York

There are over 70 historical blue plaques in York,  but this one, with its distinctive rainbow border, is unique. It was the first ever permanent rainbow plaque in the UK  and commemorates the day that Anne Lister and Ann Walker came here with the intent to take the sacrament together and  solemnify their relationship in the eyes of God. The plaque celebrates the commitment they made to each... Read more