What’s the oldest continually running horse race in the world? You may think something at Ascot or Aintree but you’d be wrong!  Instead you have to head to the top of the Yorkshire Wolds in East Yorkshire to a tiny place called Kiplingcotes.  Here a flat horse race has been run since 1519 when Henry VIII was King of England! Continually running – because as legend has it, should the race not run... Read more

Red Squirrels at the Yorkshire Arboretum

The Yorkshire Arboretum is a glorious 120-acre garden of trees from around the world run by the Castle Howard Arboretum Trust in conjunction with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Set on the historic Castle Howard estate, the trees from Chile, Australasia, North America, Europe and Asia are planted in a stunning parkland landscape with ponds, lakes and beautiful views. New trees are planted each year,... Read more

Yule Riding in York

Every 21st December, a combination of two ancient ceremonies takes place in York. A wonderful opportunity to time-travel back to Tudor times,  as liveried musicians march through the city in a torchlit procession. Often stumbled upon by locals and visitors alike, who wonder what on earth is going on! Knowing the roots of this centuries old tradition, does not,  unfortunately,  make it any more... Read more

Gin, gin and more gin…

Originally produced in Holland as a malt spirit with lots of Juniper berries, this spirit was known as Genever in the late 1600s. This was shortened to Gin in the early 1700s when William III introduced corn laws and tax breaks for spirit production. This stopped the Cognac of France dominating the market and led to the vast production of gin – it was cheaper than beer. This was “the Gin craze”... Read more

Discovering Yorkshire’s Canals on Foot

North Yorkshire has everything! Here, we have beautiful old market towns nestled in glorious countryside, which visitors can immerse themselves in, time and time again. And with those magnificent towns comes history. These places were self-sufficient – you would once have found the “butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker” and many more besides. A relatively recent introduction to these... Read more