The Mystery Plays return to York

In September 2018, York will once again host a performance of the Corpus Christi Cycle of plays, better known as the Mystery Plays. The tradition of the plays dates to the 14th C and this year promises to be a ‘moving’ experience in more ways than one.

The Plays would originally have been performed to coincide with one of the most important Christian festivals of the year, The Feast of Corpus Christ. A cycle of 48 episodes or plays would be performed by the various guilds of the city of York. These took the form of ‘Wagon Plays’. 48 Wagons or moveable stages would tour the streets of York from dawn til dusk. The attendees would travel move from pitch to pitch ensuring they had managed to see the whole story – The story of the bible, from the day of creation to the day of judgement.

The waggons will take to the streets again this year on the 9th, 12th and 16th September. Visitors will be able to catch a section of the plays or move with the waggons as they move through the city. Why not book a Blue Badge Tourist Guide to tell you more about this fantastic tradition? An experience unique to York

Contributed by Sarah Cowling – Yorkshire Blue Badge Guide