A Turkish Bath in North Yorkshire

Harrogate Turkish Baths – Step back in time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation! Ever since the first spring was found in Harrogate in the 1500’s, Harrogate has been known for its water treatments eventually becoming England’s biggest Spa town. During the late 1700’s and early 1800’s cold water treatments were all the rage for health but looking back many of these treatments would be seen... Read more

100yrs old today – Happy Birthday Bettys!

The Story of Bettys Tea Rooms – A Yorkshire Institution The story of Bettys doesn’t begin in Yorkshire but in Switzerland. In 1885, Anna Maria Bützer gave birth to a son, Fritz. Her husband, Johann, was a miller and master baker and they lived in a mill in Lindenbach near Bern. Tragedy seemed to surround the life of young Fritz. His mother died when he was still a baby and a few years... Read more

The Great Yorkshire Show: Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th July 2019

Yorkshire’s largest county fair happens next month and it’s an event not to miss.   Held each year on its permanent showground in Harrogate the 3-day show features animals galore, top-class show-jumping, country shopping, cookery demonstrations and tastings, country pursuits, fashions shows, competitions, forestry and woodworking.  In 2019, Bolddog Lings Motorbike Display team will take... Read more

Bradford Dragon Boat Festival 2019

The UK’s biggest multi award winning Dragonboat Festival is back Bradford Dragon Boat Festival held at Roberts Park, Saltaire promises to be a fun filled family festival with dragon boat racing on the river and landside attractions for all to enjoy including children’s entertainment, charity stalls, catering stands, landside games, bar, live acts and much, much more. Dragon Boat Racing has... Read more

The History of Alum Production and it’s links to the Yorkshire Coast

Alum has been mentioned throughout history from Egyptian, Indian and Chinese dynasties from Before Christ. It had many uses in chemistry, medicine, metallurgy (including removing impurities in gold production and turning iron into copper). Even dating back to 23AD there are mentions of its use in being required as a fixant for dying wool bright colours. It had a value higher than... Read more