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Jorvik – The Return of the Vikings

In 1976 plans were afoot for the development of the Coppergate Shopping Centre in York. It was agreed that due to York’s known abundance of buried treasures, archaeologists should move in prior to the build. What they quickly discovered set the building of the Coppergate Centre back 5 years. The moist, peaty layers had preserved an unprecedented amount of organic materials such as timber,... Read more

A chocolate and furniture connection in York

You would never expect to find any connection between a Chocolate Orange and some fine furniture, yet Noel Terry – a relative of Joseph Terry who set up a famous chocolate factory in York – spent his lifetime collecting exquisite Georgian clocks and furniture. Terry’s factory is no more: it’s now ‘The Chocolate Works’ housing development.  All Gold Chocolate boxes and Chocolate Oranges do still... Read more

Ilkley – wheear ast tha bin since ah saw thee?

PHOTO: Ilkley, below the famous ‘Cow and Calf’ Rocks Besides being the home of the Yorkshire Anthem ‘On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat’, Ilkley has a long and interesting history from its Roman occupation through to becoming a thriving Victorian Spa Town. Local Blue Badge Guide, Tim Barber led the Yorkshire Association on a Tour of the town then a walk up on the misty moors to explore its... Read more

Woolly Facts – in praise of the Swaledale Sheep

PHOTO:  A handsome Swaledale Tup (Ram) at the Masham Sheep Fair in the Yorkshire Dales The wealth of medieval England was built on the export of wool to continental Europe, which is why the Lord Speaker even today sits on a wool-sack in the House of Lords. However, Wool is now essentially a by-product from the rearing of lambs for the meat industry. Wool from shearing Yorkshire’s sheep is... Read more

In Celebration of Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb – The Wakefield Rhubarb Festival 17th- 19th February.

Just like Champagne and Parma Ham, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb has European PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status. As such, this traditionally grown vegetable is celebrated annually in its place of origin at the heart of the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle. You might note I said ‘vegetable’. Though traditionally a sweetened desert, Rhubarb is designated as a vegetable in the UK. A court ruling in... Read more