Denby Dale and its Giant Pies

In a quiet village by the river between Huddersfield and Barnsley an incredible history of pie making is quietly and proudly celebrated. This idyllic spot was once a thriving industrial area. During that period of prosperity, a tradition was born that has led to the town going down in history for its giant pies. Every generation or so a gigantic pie is baked and the town loses its anonymity for... Read more

Tour de Yorkshire in Bedale

Tour de Yorkshire, 3rd – 6th May 2018 Ask any Yorkshireman – or woman – where he or she was, and what they were doing, on the first weekend of July 2014 and I’m pretty sure he could tell you. That was the weekend our spectacular county, with its stunning scenery and glorious towns was beamed to televisions and large screens all across the world. That was the weekend that... Read more

Where to see the Tour de Yorkshire 2018

Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Inspired by Yorkshire’s hosting of the Tour de France in 2014, the fourth edition of the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race has been expanded from three to four stages and will take place between 3-6 May 2018. It encompasses all four corners of the county and takes in 169 villages, towns and cities along the way. Each stage has a theme and includes the very best of Yorkshire’s... Read more

Thomas Chippendale – 300 year anniversary

Thomas Chippendale – Son of Otley, Cabinet Maker and Forefather of Interior Design This enigmatic, uniquely talented man was born three hundred years ago in Otley in June 1718, the only son of John and Mary Chippendale (Nee Drake). Baptised in All Saints, Otley on 5th June 1718, he learned his initial trade from his father and later at the workshop of Richard Wood in York. He attended... Read more

Yorkshire’s Spa Towns

The appreciation that natural spring water could cure sickness and disease dates back to Roman times and beyond. With the conversion to Christianity ‘taking the waters’ developed into a religious rite until the reformation, when Henry VIII’s government ordered the closure of holy wells with their associated saintly and mystical connections. As the understanding of science and... Read more