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Remember, remember the 5th of November…..gunpowder, treason & plot!

Every year in the first week of November, firework displays take place up and down England, from city centre spectaculars to more humble fun in the back garden. This is done in commemoration of a foiled plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James 1 in 1605. It was in fact illegal NOT to celebrate the narrow escape of the Monarch until 1959. Parliament was determined to make an... Read more

The Mystery of the Richmond Drummer Boy

Do you enjoy a pleasant country stroll? How about one with a mystery? Then why not visit the beautiful town of Richmond in North Yorkshire and follow a circular walk from the Castle Gates in the footsteps of the famous Drummer Boy? Though hopefully you’ll get further than he did! Legend has it that, many years ago, probably at the end of the eighteenth century, a previously undiscovered tunnel... Read more

Yorkshire Icons – The Yorkshire Terrier

Question – what do Anastacia, Audrey Hepburn, Whitney Houston, Donnie Osmond, Ivanka Trump, Orlando Bloom, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria and David Beckham, Bruce Willis, Venus Williams, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp and Jose Mourinho all have in common? Answer – Well, they have all been the proud owners of Yorkshire Terriers – or should that be – they have been ‘owned’ by... Read more

Masham Sheep Fair

Masham boasts one of the largest and finest market squares in England, famous for its sheep sales where in the past as many as 70,000 sheep were sold each year. The sheep sales were originally held weekly, attracting flocks from the nearby estates of Jervaux and Fountains Abbey. Masham also lends its name to a breed of sheep, the progeny of a Teeswater ram and either a Dalesbred or a Swaledale... Read more

Horse Racing in York – the Ebor Festival

York’s biggest and most renowned race meeting – the Ebor Festival – starts on Wednesday 23rd August this year at York’s popular Knavesmire racecourse. The Queen led her traditional carriage procession down the course when Royal Ascot ‘borrowed’ the Knavesmire back in 2005.  The usual horseshoe shaped track had to be lengthened specially for the Gold Cup. Famous Frankel made one of his last... Read more