Whitby Jet

Although most frequently found in seams of shale on the Yorkshire Coast between Robin Hood’s Bay and Boulby, Whitby Jet can also be discovered washed up on the shore when bad weather or rough seas occur where seams that extend under the sea have broken away. Unlike most gemstones, Whitby Jet is organic and was naturally formed from fossilised wood – actually from trees like our... Read more

Yorkshire Icons – The Yorkshire Terrier

Question – what do Anastacia, Audrey Hepburn, Whitney Houston, Donnie Osmond, Ivanka Trump, Orlando Bloom, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria and David Beckham, Bruce Willis, Venus Williams, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp and Jose Mourinho all have in common? Answer – Well, they have all been the proud owners of Yorkshire Terriers – or should that be – they have been ‘owned’ by... Read more

The National Railway Museum

No visit to the beautiful and historic city of York is complete without spending at least a couple of hours in the National Railway Museum, which is the biggest railway museum in the world with more than 100 locomotives. Furthermore, being a National Museum, entry is free and visitors are well provided for with cafes, restaurants and toilets – you can even have a very elegant afternoon tea... Read more

Wentworth Woodhouse – A Star is Reborn 

“Darling some guests have invited themselves over to stay” “Splendid, who is it?” “Why it’s only the King and Queen of England!!!” This was probably a conversation which did not take place in 1912, the year King George V and Queen Mary decided to visit the industrial heartlands of their realm. At a time of political unrest, it was felt the royal couple would be well advised to rally support for... Read more

Alcuin of York – Lighting up the Dark Ages with a bit of brain training

In Anglo Saxon times it seems that Alcuin from York was known throughout Northern Europe. His story started at an early Minster in York where he established a school and a library with a treasure trove of manuscripts. York was soon sacked by the Vikings and then the Normans so the present Minster Library has not retained any of his collection and, frustratingly, we do not have a record of what... Read more